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Kaarel Paap

Kaarel Paap

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In January, construction of an extraordinary office building began in Tallinn in Kadriorg, at Narva hwy 116. The building has 5 floors: 4 above ground and 0-level floor.


„The building’s unique location ties in itself Kadriorg park, the beach promenade, Narva highway and Pirita road. High floors and glass windows offer lots of light and spaciousness, providing a dashing environment, where smart house system is used to ensure high quality indoor climate - this ensures a perfect environment in great location,“ commented business premises broker at Arco Vara, Kaarel Paap.


The building has high windows (2,6 m) and ceilings (3 m), gas-heated underfloor heating, ventilation system with heat recovery and cooling system – controllable via smart house technology. Due to it’s unique location, the building’s attractive architecture has been designed by valuing the milieu of Kadriorg – the building’s external look is shaped by dolomite and glass.


Access to all floors by lift or via staircase hall. The staircase part of the façade is fully covered with glass, ensuring transparency and lots of light at the main entrance.


The building has thirteen parking lots on the ground and 0-level floor. Construction works will be completed by the end of 2017. The sales procedure is managed by Arco Vara.


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